Somewhere I Feel Free

I moved to Lady Lake, Florida.

Hurricane Ian barely touched us, one of the reasons I left Hudson. I was tired of evacuating all the time, as much as I loved living on the water.

A new first responder-themed recreation center recently opened! I look forward to visiting at the least.

I viewed a video of a record-breaking golf cart parade in support of President Trump, so it seems we have a lot of patriots in the neighborhood. This was another selling point for me.

Due to privacy concerns, I left most ‘big G’ and Chinese-owned platforms and refuse to support corporations complicit in hiding lifesaving truth from the public.

I sometimes post on Truth Social @realnicebitch and Rumble @anamericangirl111 but I am no longer donating my time, talent and creativity, aside from here on my own blog. I have changed the theme and will be adding more photos as I organize my archives.