Please delete me from your contacts. Privacy does not exist there.

I deleted my Gmail contacts, emails, Google photos, and documents stored in clouds, now that I see this can be used against me, and you too.

This corporation has increased its spying, especially on those who disagree with their politics.

I am no longer able to share facts. My videos on YouTube, a Google company, were labeled misinformation.

I canceled PayPal/Venmo which also planned to push anti-American agendas and penalize those with posts that are against the communist plans for the United States.

Corporate control of Americans was also evident when the mainstream and social media went against we the people with mandated medicine marketing campaigns from their advertisers. They hid life saving facts as directed by our own American FBI.

I already canceled cable, Facebook, Instagram and Verizon back when they tried to sway and then falsified our presidential election.

Journalists in Australia and Great Britain have been jailed for words spoken, written against big business and those on their payroll.

Incitement is also a crime to the thought police.

Protests are no longer acceptable here in the states, with public meetings shut down and constant fear mongering shown via January 6 hearings, when people stood up to an election with cause for investigation.

I am unplugging, for my health, safety and sanity.

Stay safe and free, Carrie Ann