Author: Carrie Ann Salvi

  • Life these days

    Life these days

  • Time to Move On

    Time to Move On

    “Time to move on, time to get going, what lies ahead I have no way of knowing” Tom Petty Tom Petty leads in soundtracks of my life. His words always seem to come to mind or the speaker at the perfect time. His voice and lyrics comfort me, I feel understood. My new blog and […]

  • There is Music in Dreams

    There is Music in Dreams

    “There’s music in dreams!” I awoke and announced my revelation to my then college roommate, asking her to write it down. We both love music. She was always awake later than me, whether it was cramming for a test or chatting on the phone with her many admirers, including her mother. Everyone loves Kim. I […]

  • Reliable and Consistent

    Reliable and Consistent

    I wrote this editorial piece for publication when my father was alive and I was a reporter at The East Hampton Star. He carried it with him in his wallet.

  • Veterans Day Matters

    Veterans Day Matters

    Veterans Day honors all who have served and still do serve our country. It falls between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Please don’t let it fall between the cracks in corporate media. I witnessed it first hand when I was a military wife myself, and I will never forget. Thank you to all who have served and […]