Natural Health and Beauty

Impending world war and being in the path of a hurricane takes a toll on my health as well as my skin. With a wide open border, threats of nuclear war, and a treasonous regime taking over America, I have increased my stress reduction practices and tool box. A former executive in the natural product … Continue reading Natural Health and Beauty

Storm Preparedness

After living through storms and their aftermaths I gained some wisdom. Here are a few things to consider. The tornado photo featured on this blog post came out of an unnamed storm. A storm's path is uncertain no matter what you are told. Nature cannot be nailed down. Pay attention even if you are not … Continue reading Storm Preparedness

Tropical Storms

It takes a foot of water to flip a car. Wet ground leads to downed trees, power lines too. Power sometimes takes weeks to be restored when damage is widespread. Where houses are not built with strong foundations and materials, a few feet of flooding or surge can wash them away. In the mountains. heavy … Continue reading Tropical Storms

Roomies Come Together

"There's music in dreams!" I awoke and announced my revelation to my then college roommate, asking her to write it down. Carrie and Kimmy We both love music. She was always awake later than me, whether it was cramming for a test or chatting on the phone with her many admirers, including her mother. Everyone … Continue reading Roomies Come Together

Veterans Day Matters

Veterans Day honors all who have served and still do serve our country. It falls between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Please don't let it fall between the cracks in corporate media. I witnessed it first hand when I was a military wife myself, and I will never forget. Dad in Korea Grandpa Vincenzo Salvi volunteered too … Continue reading Veterans Day Matters